Islamic Banking and Finance Exposure Visit with Islamic Banking Product Mechanism Training

5-11 July, 2021


Programe Facilitator

Khalil Ur Rahman

MBA, M. Phil

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will expand the professional’s exposure to run the Islamic Finance Operations successfully along with comprehensive training on Islamic Banking product mechanism

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for bank employees, banks top management, and the banking and finance student who want to get familiar with the new phenomenon in-order to participate the Islamic finance market.

Benefits of Attending

  • To explore Islamic banking working mechanism
  • Enrich the understanding of Islamic banking products structure
  • Organizational sustainable financial growth
  • To learn Islamic banking implementation strategies for contribution in economic growth of the region/country

Programe Facilitator

Khalil Ur Rahman 
Islamic Finance Expert
Rahman has occupied various positions in Islamic banks and advisory consultancy firms having hands-on experience in Islamic banking, Islamic finance, Product development, etc.

Rahman has provided business consultations for financial institutions and conducted corporate and public training programs in countries such as UAE, Tanzania, Pakistan and many online training programs for Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines Albania, Sweden etc in the areas of Islamic banking, Islamic finance, Takaful (Islamic insurance), Ijarah lease, Islamic finance product development, and more.

Training Contents/Agenda

Session 1

The Concept of Islamic Economics- Warmup and Brainstorming

  • The philosophy of Islamic Economics
  • Debt in Islam
  • Savings in Islam

Islamic Banking and Finance Industry Worldwide

  • Islamic Banking and Finance industry overview
  • The importance and features of Islamic Banking and Finance

Session 2

Features of Islamic Finance

  • Prohibition of Riba
  • Prohibition of Gharar
  • Prohibition of Maysir
  • Justice and Equity Based

Riba and Its Types

  • What is Riba and its prohibition?
  • Major Types of Riba

Session 3

Islamic Finance Structure

  • Islamic Contract and prerequisites
  • Types of Contracts
  • Trade (Murabaha, Musawama, Salam, Istisna, Tawarruq, etc.)
  • Partnership (Musharkah, Mudarbah)
  • Rental (Ijarah, Diminishing Musharkah)

Murabaha- (Markup Sale)

  • Important Principles of Murabaha
  • Structure of Murabaha Contract
  • Mechanism of Murabaha Transaction
  • Application of Murabaha Contract

Salam (Trade Sale)

  • Important principles of Salam
  • Structure of a Salam contract
  • Mechanism of Salam Transaction
  • Applications of Salam- Agriculture Financing focused

Istisna (Trade Sale)

  • Important principles of Istisna
  • Structure of an Istisna contract
  • Mechanism of an Istisna Transaction
  • Applications of Istisna- Manufacturing Financing focused

Session 4

Ijarah (Islamic Lease)

  • Types of Ijarah
  • Important principles of an Ijarah
  • Structure of an Ijarah contract
  • Mechanism of an Ijarah Transaction
  • Applications of Ijarah contract- Vehicle and Machinery focused

Session 5

Musharakah- (Parthership)

  • Important principles of Musharakah
  • Different types of Partnership at a glance
  • Structure of Musharakah & Diminishing Musharakah contract
  • Mechanism of a Musharakah Transaction
  • Applications of Musharakah
  • Diminishing Musharakah- The example of Housing Financing

Session 6

Mudarabah- (Partnership for Venture Capital)

  • Important principles of Mudarabah
  • Structure of Mudarabah contract
  • Mechanism of a Mudarabah Transaction
  • Applications of Mudarabah- Startup Financing focused

Session 7

Islamic Bank Account Types

  • Current Account
  • Structure of Current Account in Islamic Banking
  • Calculations
  • Islamic Saving Account
  • Structure of Current Account in Islamic Banking
  • Calculations
  • Islamic Investment Account
  • Structure of Current Account in Islamic Banking
  • Calculations

Session 8

Evolution of FinTech and Islamic/Shariah FinTech

  • Identifying the origin, growth and development
  • Highlighting Shariah compliance among Islamic FinTech: the nuts and bolts
  • Is Fintech a HYPE of a HOPE for the future
  • Related developments of FinTech- InsureTech and RegTech


Dubai, UAE & Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel: +92 321 414 9969

Course Fees

5-11 July, 2021
Visit Fee
USD 4,500 (Net)